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Sunday 7th July marked the first event for Carries Home Foundation as a registered charity. Julian Lebby and his wife, Fiona, very kindly offered to put together a team of keen cyclists to complete the longer distance of 100k, earlier this year to get the wheels of fundraising going for Carrie’s cause. Ride Reigate 2019 marked the first event of its kind held in Reigate, Surrey this year and was organised by Run Series, the award-winning team behind the Intersport Run Reigate and British Airways Run Gatwick.

Right to left: Simon Hocken, Tom Lumsden, Rob Brown, Brian Tidley, Stella Larkin, Fiona Lebby, Julian Lebby & Rob Gregory

There were seven team members cycling on behalf of Carrie’s Home Foundation; Julian Lebby, Fiona Lebby, Rob Brown, Rob Gregory, Simon Hocken, Tom Lumdsen and Stella Larkin. Brian Tidly joined us raising money for Sparks They started the challenge together on a somewhat drizzly and damp morning. After an in-depth safely briefing they were off! First stop was Turners Hill after an hour peddling for a quick comfort break and fuel reload.

Ride Reigate started and finished at Reigate College, where on completion they were awarded their medal and met with a token for a free celebratory beer in the sun courtesy of Pilgrim Brewery! The first members of the team arrived in after 5hrs 46mins with big smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, Stella’s friend, who she was riding with experienced three punctures throughout the course, Stella stayed with her throughout and on her third puncture was assisted by Finches Cycles! A welcomed relief and fantastic support! to complete the event.

To date, the team are delighted to have raised just over £2K for Carrie’s Home Foundation and would like to extend their thanks to everyone who has supported them.

Here are some words from Jules and Fee on the ride:

“We had a wonderful day of cycling for Carrie's Home Foundation on the inaugural Ride Reigate event. It started off drizzly but that did not put us off and was almost a relief form the recent high temperatures we have had. We met the team at 07:15 and put our bikes in the secure area, while we went off to register. We were met at the registration point by Wendy Gregory, wife of Rob who was part of the team, she was full of smiles and loving support, we were given our rider number chip to stick to our helmet, which logged the start and finish times and a wrist band which we could swap for a much needed beer at the end of the ride, courtesy of The Pilgrim Brewery. We then gathered the team and set off together on the ride. Our first stop was at Turners Hill where the rain stopped and we were welcomed by a feed stop of cakes, biscuits, energy bars and bananas! There was also a bike mechanical area which was provided by the top bike mechanic Dave from Finch Cycles! We then set off on much drier roads so were able to increase the pace slightly.

Lots of fun and hills (those hills) were had on the ride, especially on the return leg of the ride back up to Turners Hill (that was tough, undulating hills) it remained grey with no further rain, but the smiles, fellow support and encouragement in the team really helped us all!

On the approach to Reigate College......the finish line!!, we decided to let 'ladies go first' and Fee crossed the line first, greeted by a small group of friends cheering us as we crossed the finish line, it was especially amazing as we were welcomed by Carrie's husband, who was overwhelmed by what we had achieved! it was fantastic to meet such a lovely person. We were presented with our medal and then waited for some of the rest of the team to arrive to give them a cheer! Then it was off to the beer tent for a well-deserved drink.

Unfortunately, Stella's friend experienced three punctures on the ride, but she stayed with her throughout and arrived at the finish line, where we stayed as a team and welcomed them both back with cheers!!

All in all, despite the weather, it was a fantastic ride with awesome people! The team created a real sense of comradery among all the riders and we had a lot of fun along the route, even with those hills...........

It was a real honour to be able to raise much needed funds for such as worthy cause!!”

The event was a huge success, with Sunday 12th July 2020 set as the second Ride Reigate event Get in touch if you are interested in becoming part of a Carries Home Foundation Ride Reigate 2020 team.

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