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Sharing kindness promotes dignity. It gives people a lift in a time of need.

Homelessness and poverty is with us. Sometimes it’s hidden and other times it’s in plain sight. However, whenever we encounter it, it always stirs a response from each of us. But more often than not, it can catch us when we are unprepared. Feeling a bit awkward, not ready to give our best response, sometimes we walk on by. It’s a dreadful feeling, but we have all done it.

Although it is not unusual, there are others in our country that have sought out alternative ways to how we can respond differently.

We need to declassify the loaded word which is ‘poverty’. We can redefine this to mean ‘poor and not having the best outcomes’. We can have poor tires on our car, poor physical health, exhibit poor social behaviour. If we use this definition, it can help us to redefine how we look at ways to tackle poverty as well.

As a metaphor, I’d like to share with you the work of Street Pastors (http://www.streetpastors.org/). Today, around our country, there over 300 groups of volunteers who work with local police forces to patrol at the weekends. While the Police have the remit of maintaining the peace in the community, Street Pastors have a different role. They are there to look out for people who are vulnerable after a night out. Be that through listening, caring or helping. A full evening with friends can leave some people very vulnerable.

What Street Pastors demonstrate is that everyone from time to time needs someone else to show them some kindness.

Sharing kindness promotes dignity. It gives people a lift in a time of need.

Simply ignoring people can say to people in need, “I didn’t see you and I don’t care”.

But of course, we care. It’s for that very reason that we exist.

At Carrie’s Home Foundation, we are building a community of people who are looking for ways to show that they care for those in need. Be that donating cash or volunteering to raise funds.

Why not get in touch and look for ways you can get involved in our exciting work.

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